Mission Statement:

The mission of Pontiac CCSD #429 will be to use open source technology to deliver professional development to improve technology skills of all staff members and to support and encourage the use of those skills in the classroom.

Google Docs for Education

District 429 has a free, education account with Google Docs/Apps.

Every employee and student who has a computer login for the district has an account with the P429 Google Apps for Education.

Lesson 1

Refreshing/Changing your District 429 Network Password

Your login name and password to the District's Google Docs account will be the same as your login name and password

to the network from a computer at school. If you have not changed your password recently, for network security, you are strongly encouraged to choose a new one as you follow the directions below. Students are to use their id number as their password.

To apply a new password to your Network and Google Docs account you must refresh your password. When you 'refresh' your password, the password is automatically applied to your 429 Google Docs account.

Follow the steps below to refresh your password.

  1. Login to a computer in the district. If you are already logged in, then you are ready to begin.

  2. Let the computer fully load your profile. The "hourglass" will no longer be present when this is done.

  3. Hold down CTRL+ ALT keys and hit the DELETE key. You will see a list of options.

  4. Click on "Change Password"

  5. You will now see the a window with three blanks for you to fill in.

  6. On the first line, put in the current password you use to login to the school network.

  7. On the second line, type in a new password. You may keep your same password by entering it on this line OR you may choose a new password at this time if you like. Students are to keep the same password.

  8. On the third line, confirm your password by entering the same password you put on line 2.

  9. PLEASE UNDERSTAND-if you change to a new password, this will be the password that you will use to login to the network. Your old password will no longer work once it has been synchronized. Synchronization takes place each evening. So if you do this step before you leave for the day, you will be ready to go to the next step tomorrow.

  10. This password will be used for logging in to the network and to Google Apps.

Lesson 2

Creating a Google form to survey or test students.

Sign into your Google docs account, go to Drive, and create a new "Form".
Choose a template. If you know what you want for a title, put it in the text box under Choose title and them. Click 'OK'

When using your District 429 Google account and you are creating a form for students to respond to,
put a check mark in the first two boxes. This will keep outsiders from using your form and it will automatically
put your students 'name on their paper.'

If you did not give your form a title, now would be a good time.
If you did give it a title when you chose a theme, it will already be named.
You are ready to create your form.
The three icons at the top right are: Edit, Duplicate, Delete.
If you are creating similar questions, duplicate will reduce the amount of time it will take to create your form.

If the questions for the form should all be answered, make sure that you choose 'required question' every time.
Click Done when you are finished with the question and the corresponding question type details.

Under the menu bar will be the following options.
To see what your form will look like, click 'View live form'
(It will open in a new tab)
After clicking on submit, a confirmation screen may appear. If the username is correct,
instruct students to click on Yes, submit my response

Answers will then be recorded in a spreadsheet and can be seen by clicking on 'View


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